5 Half day tours in San Jose Costa Rica

If you don’t have more than a few hours to see Costa Rica, you may want to know about the best half Day tours in San Jose Costa Rica Tours from San José, Costa Rica

Half Tours from San Jose Costa Rica are a great possibility for you if you are spending a few hours between flights in the SJO Juan Santamaría International Airport if your departure flight is late or you are on business and have little time off to see a bit of the beauty of Costa Rica.

We will list our five favorite activities, the ones that our passengers named as their highlights and the ones that are suitable for the free morning or afternoon when time is biting your heels.

All these activities can be enjoyed from any hotel in the Central Valley, and the International SJO airport, however, know that if you are in the outskirts of the metropolitan area, or upon the mountains area, there might be transportation to take to get to the pick-up places (At a separate cost mostly all the time).

City Tours

San Jose nowadays is a walking city. It is small, very diverse, and a bit chaotic at times. There are areas that you must walk, as the Central Avenue Boulevard, and zones like La Sabana Metropolitan Park that are easier to see if transportation is taken.

The best choice to fully understand the Costa Rican and the San José culture is of course on a city tour. As you sightsee the most iconic buildings and museums and visit the most beautiful or important places in town, your guide will create a complete picture for you of how San Jose City beats as the heart of Costa Rica.

Tours from San José, Costa Rica

Poas Volcano

Poas Volcano is a very active volcano located on the Central Volcanic Mountain Range, and it takes a little over an hour to get to the entrance of the National Park.

It is a fantastic opportunity to be on the edge of a very active volcano’s crater. A wide mouth with permanent fumaroles and completely surrounded by cloud forests.

But even beyond the breathtaking sight of the Poas, the road in is a tour in itself. As you leave the city behind, nature shows its best colors in the tamed landscapes of coffee and dairy.

A fantastic tour for those who have a half-day to enjoy nature easily and without getting a bit of mud on your walking shoes.

This tour is for the mornings only. If you want to arrange a private tour for you and your party please let our Terranova Travel Designers and we will gladly do it for you.
Tours from San José, Costa Rica

Coffee Tours

There are various coffee tours coming out of the Central Valley of Costa Rica, from the very entertaining to the deepest in the process of the golden bean.

If you are more interested in seeing a bit of the Costa Rican renowned beautiful landscapes there is an option that goes up the mountains (Very close to the airport actually). And if you are into a more entertaining and close to the city option there another possibility.

Ask our Terranova Travel Designer which is the best for you.

(This is another tour where no hiking is involved).

half day tours from San Jose Costa Rica
View of a coffee plantation in the Costa Rican mountains.

Waterfall Gardens

The Waterfall Gardens is a great option if you have a few hours to enjoy intense rainforests, and breathtaking waterfalls completely immersed in wild tropical nature.

A park made for people of all ages to enjoy buzzing hummingbirds, hundreds of butterflies and breathtaking colored birds.  With a fantastic rescue center, the Waterfalls Garden promises a few hours of true awe to the beauty of raw nature.

half day tours from San Jose Costa Rica


In the surroundings of the Central Valley, there are breathtaking primary cloud and rainforests and even a patch of dry forest recognizable easily in the sunny season.

In these amazing woods, you may find some of the best ziplining options of Costa Rica. With well-cared trails and professional adventure tour guides.half day tours from San Jose Costa Rica










To wrap up our view on the half-day tours from San Jose Costa Rica

Although most travelers come to San Jose for one or two nights, there are many that come on business and have a little spare time to know the amazing places near San José. As well you may be having to spend some hours between connecting flights in the Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO).

In either case, Costa Rica shows off with breathtaking ferocious nature and marvelous landscapes very close to the city. Don’t miss your chance to see this fantastic beauty even for a few hours.

Ask Terranova travel designers which activities are the best for your schedules and agenda and live the Costa Rican essence!


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