The perfect honeymoon in Costa Rica, a dream that can come true

The perfect honeymoon in Costa Rica sounds like bliss. The most fantastic time in a most romantic destination. However, being such a precious time, you want it to go without any stress. Find here what do you need for it to happen. 

honeymoon in Costa Rica

The perfect honeymoon in Costa Rica, a dream that can come true if you have all the support of a local company that will take the stress for you. 

But first of all, let us tell you a bit about honeymoons. 

The name

In some North European cultures, the tradition was to serve mead during the wedding feast.

But then, after the party, the bride and groom received enough mead for a month, or as they said in those days for a “moon.” 

Why? Well! Mainly because it was considered to be an aphrodisiac and was supposed to increase fertility and virility. 

Later on, and throughout history, the arranged marriages used this time for the bride and groom to know each other. 

honeymoon in Costa Rica

When we look back at history, we realize that everything has changed, fortunately. 

The honeymoon now is a time to acknowledge each other as a consolidated couple committed to being a team, accomplices, and lovers for the rest of life. 

It is also a way to celebrate with each other the romance, the laughter, the support, and peace that brings being with an unconditional lover and partner. 

From the ancient times when couples didn’t know each other until their wedding to the present, where, at least in the western cultures, couples live together and travel together for years before tying the knot. 

We don’t need to get married to live together, or even have children; however, marriage has become a convenient merge that, for legal purposes, grants a lot of facilities. 

And, never mind how modern we all think we are, let’s face it, the idea of marriage is still a strong, and deep commitment that goes beyond simply living together. 

But then again that’s marriage. 

What about the wedding? Well! The wedding is not about you. 

It’s about family and friends celebrating your union and love. 

It is a day to look beautiful in charming environments. For some, the wedding is a way to impress, a moment to take pictures, and to be all over your social network, talking about flowers, dresses, and incredible decorations. 

But the honeymoon is a time to escape from everything and everyone and be in peace with each other. 

So, the honeymoon comes as a time to reconnect and rest from all the rush of the wedding planning. And either one night or a month, it is even more important than the wedding itself. 

honeymoon in Costa Rica

A time to see the other and realize, that, for the good and for the bad, in sickness and in health you decided as an adult to spend your life with this person as a partner and lover. 

A time when even your boss and parents respect and stay out of the picture. 

And a time to ask your closest people to pitch in and help for your romantic trip. And yes! It is a thing now! 

The wedding rush and stress will be forgotten, but the crazy adventures and magical moments will stay with you forever. And your grandchildren may be repeating your stories to their own grandchildren. It can be that fantastic! 

honeymoon in Costa Rica

Now, why Costa Rica is the perfect honeymoon destination?

Well, Forbes and Travel & Leisure say so, but more importantly, you will think so, if you do some research.

It is small, it has a luscious nature, glorious warm beaches, and fantastic adventures, all together in one solid small country. 

And if you put this together with your own love and laughter doing exactly what you want each day without any stress… Bam! You have the perfect honeymoon! 

You may want to plan it on your own, hire your own transportation and reserve your hotel and/or Airbnb. However, do you really want all that in the midst of the wedding planning? 

Because let’s face it, your honeymoon happens right after your wedding day. You have to plan it before, at the same time as you plan the dress and the flowers. 

A travel agent won’t charge you more, actually, at the end a greatly planned trip will probably save you money, but beyond money, it will take the stress off your shoulders! 

honeymoon in Costa Rica

Now, some questions about your perfect honeymoon in Costa Rica:

What’s your budget? 

Contrary to the general thought, Costa Rica can be as expensive or as affordable as you want it to be. 

There are all sorts of accommodations and ways to travel through the country. 

If you are a bit constrained by budget do yourselves a favor: Have two budgets planned, one that includes everything, up to the last meal, and another with the flights and accommodations only. 

Your real budget goes in between these two. 

A Terranova travel designer will create an ideal combination of fully independent time and included activities, accommodations and romantic dinners in breathtaking settings. All within your budget! Let’s talk! 


Do you want to drive or you want someone else to do it for you? 

You actually have three choices, either renting a car, having private shuttles to take you between places or having a guide-driver with you at all times. 

Renting a car

Ideal for really independent people, driving in Costa Rica is a challenge for the first ten minutes, but after a while, you will feel very comfortable and it will give you a lot of freedom. 

Shuttles, private or not

They are more affordable but even more important, it will give you tranquility. Someone else is driving for you and you are simply sightseeing and taking it easy.

Shared shuttles are more affordable. They are safe, comfortable and punctual. But more limited in terms of stopping on the way, or learning about your route.

Private shuttles, of course, are much better as you can ask your driver to stop at certain places and he or she will certainly do the best for you to enjoy all the trips. 

Driver/guide, although it may seem that you will carry a third person with you, it is probably the best way to enjoy fully the country. 

When a Costa Rican tour guide comes with you on your honeymoon you will have all the time you want to be alone together.

But when it comes to taking the stress out, your guide will handle every single detail for you, allowing you to take only the relaxation and fun. 

honeymoon in Costa Rica

Activities in your perfect honeymoon in Costa Rica

What do you want to do? What do you like to do? 

Are you adventurous, a nature lover or a beach fan? Are wildlife sightings more important for you than cultural activities? 

Do you feel like living a perfect Costa Rican experience? Tasting the food, dancing traditional music and seeing a school? 

Or you rather stay on the beach, reading, talking and seeing gorgeous sunsets? 

And finally, are you an adventure fan? Do activities like rappeling a waterfall, ziplining through the forest or hiking a volcano ring a bell and bring a smile to your face? 

rainy season in Costa Rica


Probably the most important question when it comes to choosing your hotels, besides the budget, of course, is: 

Are you into big all-inclusive hotels? Or maybe cozy lodges? 

Would you rather go to the beach? Or you rather stay on a mountain lodge? 

In conclusion: 

At Terranova, we know you are stressed about the wedding preparations, your parents, siblings, dress and tuxedos, and even the bachelor and bachelorette parties. 

Your wedding planner has become your best friend and you are as excited as overwhelmed. 

Let us help you with the perfect honeymoon in Costa Rica. We will handle everything for you, so that, at the end of all the craziness of the wedding you can simply hop on a plane and forget about all this while looking at the monkeys and hearing the harmonious sounds of a rainforest concert live. 

Contact us! And we will make it happen for you! 

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