A summary of what happened in Costa Rica in 2019

What happened in Costa Rica in 2019? Besides hundreds of thousands of happy travelers going around the country and back home happy and full of memories.

what happened in Costa Rica in 2019i

What happened in Costa Rica in 2019 besides great vacations, and happy travelers?


After a wave of bad news on Costa Rica in 2018, the country implemented a series of safety measures in the most touristic areas and this has paid off, as Costa Rica now, not only offers more police presence but insurance in the most popular National Parks.

We published an article on safety at the beginning of the year, and throughout 2019, accidents and crime in touristic areas decreased in a significant way.

New Accommodations

On the hotels, there were several good news:

1. Origins Lodge

what happened in Costa Rica in 2019i

Owning 180º scenic views across unspoiled surroundings of rainforest-covered mountains, Origins is the latest in luxury retreats. Established in the north of Costa Rica, pristine rainforests are all observed from its high-up spot.

The accommodations can be found dispersed in the surrounding gardens, all emphasizing identical panoramic views with fire-heated baths on the deck, open-air showers, complimentary WiFi, and exclusive room service.
Striving for the next generation of luxury travelers, the hotel is rare as it is particularly modern and stylish and yet, surrounded by jungle.

Guests can find monkeys, toucans, and sloths and, as well, savor exquisite cuisine from Michelin-starred chef Jeab-Luc L’Hourre, attend the yoga classes, trek in the Tenorio National Park or enjoy the supreme relaxation of the beautiful spa.

2. Nantipa

what happened in Costa Rica in 2019i

Fit for families, groups of friends and couples alike, Nantipa is positioned on the prominent Nicoya Peninsula. If wellness is essential during your vacation, Nantipa won’t fail due to its close vicinity of the yoga-loving village of Santa Teresa.

There are a variety of private bungalows with beachfront entrance throughout the areas that span 2.3 hectares. All of them feature ocean views, climate control, flat-screen TV, WiFi, hammocks, a minibar, and king size bed. Guests have full passage to the hotel spa, pool, and restaurant, plus it’s walking distance to a variety of shops, restaurants, and bars.

3. Three Sixty

what happened in Costa Rica in 2019i

Located on the charming southwest area of Costa Rica, Three Sixty is an adults-only hotel that gives the best of the rainforest, the beach, and the view of the mountains; hence the name, and one of the most amazing infinity pools we’ve ever seen!
Individual bungalows are separated everywhere the properties gardens and keep the same exciting viewpoint.

4. The Retreat

This outstanding hotel is the classic choice for those looking for values such as self-care, stress-reducing, spiritual union and connection, and a great focus on the wellness of the body, mind, and spirit.
Located in Costa Rica’s beautiful central Pacific, it is adjacent to the coast and jungle, suggesting that you will breathe in pure relaxation.

5. Aguas Claras

what happened in Costa Rica in 2019i

On the Southeast coast of Costa Rica, where you can find a laid-back vibe as part of everyday life, Aguas Claras is the most innovative option for travelers to the area. This tastefully restored Victorian-style home is within walking distance of stunning Caribbean beaches, luxurious snorkeling spots, and the lovely town of Puerto Viejo. The owners are interested in keeping a sustainable lifestyle. Hence recycled materials are abundantly accompanying the solar panels.
Surrounding the main house are 6 smaller ‘Casas’ for the guests. Roomy and furnished with contemporary yet tasteful tropical designs, they encompass everything you need for a great vacation.

New Tours

In the tours, there are new products in all areas of Costa Rica, however the focus of Terranova this year is the creation of new and innovative experiences completely personalized according to the passengers.


There are amazing new options and passionate tour guides that will take you on memorable activities that involve all five senses.

Please contact us and we will let you know what’s new in the experiences depending on the area you are interested in.

New Flights to Costa Rica

Several airlines inaugurated new flights from all over the World. KLM, Air Canada, American Airlines, Iberia and Transat are just some of the airlines that are either starting to come to our airports or increasing the number of direct flights to Costa Rica.

what happened in Costa Rica in 2019i

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What’s coming?

what happened in Costa Rica in 2019i

Terranova is innovating as usual and on the hunt for the most amazing experiences in the exuberant Costa Rican nature and with the joyful Costa Ricans. We are creating new products and bonding with our great suppliers.

Let us know what would you like your clients to see and live, and we will create it for you!



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