DaLime Beachfront Restaurant to open in the South Caribbean Coast

DaLime Beachfront Restaurant is opening in Hotel Aguas Claras in Puerto Viejo in Costa Rica Caribbean coast.  The beautiful property improves perfection with a restaurant surrounded by a breathtaking tropical garden and right next to the ocean.

De Lime Beach Restaurant

DaLime Beachfront Restaurant is located on Aguas Claras, a boutique hotel found on  Puerto Viejo in the South Caribbean of Costa Rica.

The hotel encompasses 6 bungalows that can host to varying capacities, accompanying  6 themed suites (Pavlova Sweets), all created to give the Caribbean experience at its best. Luxurious and modern yet, keeping its Victorian-Caribbean way, each cottage is meticulously embellished with recycled elements, revived furniture and found objects.

DaLime Beachfront Restaurant

Hotel Aguas Claras’ history goes back to 1984. Elizabeth, the hotel’s founder, and owner used to work as a translator in San José and was encouraged by a workmate to check out Puerto Viejo.

Back then, the trip would require hours and hours on winding road or the old jungle train, and from Limon to the South very damaged dirt roads, and it was hard to find a room with electricity and running water.

In those days all the region was remote and isolated.  The whole community had just one telephone at the “Pulperia del Chino” (Chino’s Groceries) sharing the line to connect with the rest of the country.

Elizabeth was an artist and a dancer too and was instantly fascinated by the unpolished beauty, the warm pristine waters and the exuberant nature of Puerto Viejo and Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast. She started traveling back at least once a month. When her children Elena and Franco were born, they traveled along on those trips too and soon began surfing and making friends with children from the local families.

Finally, Elizabeth acquired a house in Playa Chiquita and their family became full members of the Puerto Viejo community. The diverse town was their second home, their joyful place of happy times and magical encounters. The Caribbean culture also grew to be a significant influence on Elizabeth’s artwork.

DaLime Beachfront Restaurant

The luxury art boutique Hotel Aguas Claras opened in late 2018 in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

In late 2014, Elizabeth went on to buy the property where Hotel Aguas Claras stands today.

While residing in New York City, her daughter Elena had the primary idea of establishing a recording studio in the rainforest. The idea instead evolved into building a hotel, a beautiful and creative gateway to Puerto Viejo’s spell.

DaLime Beachfront Restaurant

With the new life project set, Elizabeth set about renovating the property’s Victorian-style Caribbean houses known as Aguas Claras.

Elena accompanied her mother and produced the concept for the new rooms and the hotel’s Papaya Restaurant. Et voila… almost four years later, the mother-daughter duo revealed their curated arts boutique masterpiece, with the hotel starting to the public in late 2018 and becoming the first 5-star luxury hotel in the area.

For us at Terranova, Aguas Claras is one of our favorite suppliers and we congratulate them for their new DaLime Beachfront Restaurant.

Let us know and we will put a fantastic vacation package including this amazing accommodation and more!


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