A perfect Costa Rica Holiday, or what problems do you want on vacation?

“The perfect Costa Rica Holiday”. That is the holy grail for any traveler and all travel agents. Creating a vacation without any possible flaws, from the first contact to the last thank you note.

perfect holiday in costa rica

The perfect Costa Rica Holiday is the ideal goal for anyone who is coming on vacation and definitely, the objective of Terranova. 

Recently the Telegraph published an article called: “The perfect holiday in the world’s happiest country”. It talked about our country in the most flattening way, addressing our nature, health system, education levels, and our generalized happiness. 

And well! That is no secret! Costa Rica is an amazing destination!

perfect holiday in Costa Rica

In Terranova, we strive for every holiday to be impeccable in every possible way. Although we know that traveling is not about perfection. Traveling is about the experiences you live in.

The question then, goes beyond the ordinary “What’s the best holiday that you can have in Costa Rica?” into “What are the problems you want to face while on holiday in Costa Rica?” 

Because in the end, in every vacation (Especially in nature) you will find problems.

So, let’s talk a little about the problems that are already solved if you are traveling with Terranova.  

Terranova answers the first problem:  Travel agent or not travel agent… That is the first question! 

perfect holiday in Costa Rica

Nowadays, what’s the purpose of a travel agent? You can do everything on your own, why hire somebody to do it? 

Simple, you know vacation is an investment in the quality of your life, and this investment yes, is money. But much more important than money, it is the only period of the year that you will have only to yourself and your loved ones.

Only for yourself. 

No boss, no company, no issues, no debts, no credit card calls, no assistant, no sales, no patients, no clients, no meetings. 

Vacation is about you.

And it is brief. 

When you trust your vacation to a travel agent, you are giving your stress to someone else. 

In Terranova we know about Costa Rica. And we know how to solve problems like getting the reservation, or knowing when and where is best to see turtles or whales.

And knowledge brings down the stress. 

perfect holiday in Costa Rica

So, coming to the real question:  What are the problems you want for your vacation? 

Do I want a vacation filled with problems like “Rainforest ziplining or sunset catamaran Honey?”

Or do I want a vacation with problems like:

  • Is this hotel going to keep the reservation or give us a good room?
  • Is the transportation comfortable and nice, and it has all the needed permits and insurance? 
  • Is this the right time to do that tour, or is just what I can see in the web? 
  • The hotel is surrounded by nature, but what if we get the room facing the parking lot? 

Are we telling you to come with us for your vacation? Of course. You can find the reasons here. But let’s go beyond that. 

Traveling on your own multiplies the problems and can really spoil the only time of the year you have for you and your loved ones. 

Do you really want that problem? 

perfect holiday in Costa Rica

So, once the wise decision of hiring someone in Costa Rica to support you in the planning of your dream trip, we have a few more questions to solve.

  • Do I feel comfortable with my travel agent?
  • Do I get accurate answers and information?
  • Is it first quality at a fast pace?
  • Does he or she hear me? 
  • Does he or she understand what I want? 
  • Do I feel he or she cares about my vacation? 

Your travel agent is your right hand in the creation of a vacation for you and your loved ones. 

Whether you want to get involved in designing every day or you don’t have the time and want to delegate the planning, you must trust the person that is working with you in the preparation of a perfect holiday in Costa Rica. 

In Terranova, we strive to find a connection with our clients. We know that personal touch is unreplaceable. Human to human. 

What do you like? what don’t you like? What are your hobbies or favorite flavors?

We believe in human connection!

You can feel free with us. Questions, comments, concerns. We are here for you.

perfect holiday in Costa Rica

Second problem: Time. There is never enough time to take it easy when you travel

For us, vacation time is an asset. And we have to know how to invest it to get the best of it.  

Do you want problems like transportation that stops to pick and drop people off for hours? or having to wait in line behind three cruise ship tours, because none told you there was a ship at port that day?

Vacation time is meant to recharge yourself to face the real problems at home. 

It is meant to be relaxed, easy, and fun!

Never mind if all you want is to stay on the side of a swimming pool seeing the monkeys from your palapa or you are an adventure junkie and want to do rafting, ziplining, rappelling and trekking every single day.  

In the end, their objective is exactly the same: Use your time wisely. 

Time issues during vacation reduce to one solid problem: Waiting times. 

Waiting for the car to come, waiting in line to get to the museum, waiting for the restaurant to give you a table, waiting for the hotel to let us know if they found our reservation. 

perfect holiday in Costa Rica

Do you want the “waiting and waiting”  problem on vacation?  

In Terranova we know our country, we know when are the crowds coming, or the time for a perfect sunset tour, or why that river is better than that one in this time of year.

We know. That solves mostly all the time problems also. 

perfect holiday in Costa Rica

Third problem: The map and the calendar.

When to come, where to go.

And in Costa Rica, these have to go hand by hand as we have different climates and seasons for different regions.

For instance, if you come in January, you don’t want to go to the Caribbean. Or if you are into birding, would you like to see the migratory species also?

Do you want to face the problem of being in the wrong place at the wrong time simply because Google didn’t mention that one tiny detail that spoiled your whole vacation?

Again, we know Costa Rica, we know where and when.

To wrap it up:

If we could have a way to measure our success on vacation, the formula would be: “The less stress, the better the vacation.” 

Have the wrong problems and you will have a lot of stress.

Have the fun problems and you will have a fantastic vacation!

Contact us, we take the stressful problems, you take the fun!

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