Costa Rica among the best travel destinations for 2020

Best travel destinations for 2020 were published by Lonely Planet last October 21, the magazine says, Costa Rica is with the best of the best.

Best travel destinations

Out of the 10 best travel destinations for 2020, Costa Rica is holding #6 on the travel guide’s list of most becoming countries.  Costa Rica is praised for its focus on sustainable tourism and abundant biodiversity.

Costa Rica flies the flag for sustainable tourism,” the Lonely Planet recommendation reads. “This small country’s vast biodiversity attracts visitors keen to spot sleepy sloths in trees, red-eyed frogs paralyzing their predators, and whales in the Pacific.

Costa Ricans understand the importance of preserving their slice of tropical paradise and have found a way to invite others in while living in harmony with their neighbors – from leafcutter ants to jaguars.”

best travel destinations

Lonely Planet curated its best travel destinations list after polling its writers, editors, and social media community. The publication says it prioritized destinations that offer “unique experiences and ‘wow’ factor.”

“We also take sustainable travel seriously – helping you to have a positive impact wherever you choose to go,” Lonely Planet says.

Lonely Planet praised Costa Rica’s eco-friendly power grid and its aggressive decarbonization plan.

Adventure lovers can hike volcanoes or ride a zip line, while those craving ‘me time’ can enjoy yoga retreats and spa experiences,” the recommendation says. “The catchphrase pura vida (pure life) is more than a saying, it’s a way of life.”


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