Rainy Season in Costa Rica, 8 fantastic things about it

Rainy Season in Costa Rica can be almost legendary. And it is here, without a doubt. Yet, right now, as I write, this is not raining. It is actually quite sunny and very luscious. So, the remark comes up with a smile, “Oh, if people knew the wonder of the rainy season!” 

rainy season in Costa Rica

Rainy season in Costa Rica is misunderstood if it is thought that, in some way, it is going to limit your experiences. If something, the rainy season enhances the Costa Rican nature and adventure experiences. 

Of course, it all relies on what you want to see or do. 

If you are into having a beautiful tan and just resting under the sun on a beach palapa throughout the whole day. Well! The rainy period is not your time to visit Costa Rica. 

But, if you are into wildlife, rainforests, breathtaking landscapes, and adventures, you will thrive in the rainy season! And your vacations will be an experience to remember and re-live whenever possible. 

So, let us go through 8 reasons why the rainy season is such a fantastic time to come for vacation. 

rainy season in Costa Rica

  1. Green. In the rainy season in Costa Rica, everything is green. 

Nevermind where you are in Costa Rica, the rainy season makes it all so bright and so luscious! 

It’s like life is out and ready to dance! 

 2. Quite often rain lasts only a couple of hours. 

Even in the rainiest months and the wettest days, you often get sunny mornings and starry nights.

Quite often in the rainy season, you can spend your morning laying in the sun, kayaking on the sea, or hiking in the forest while seeing wildlife and then, take the afternoons to relax in the terrace of your room watching the fast pouring rains that are a show on their own. 

rainy season in Costa Rica

3. Crowds, everywhere you go

The sunny season is still the most popular, and probably will be that way forever. 

Well yes! Let’s see the elephant in the room: Blue skies and sunny days are more beautiful. 

However! Popularity can create crowds, noise, and severe disturbances in places that, otherwise, are breathtaking. 

And this does not only happen in Costa Rica, of course. In the rainy season, however, the weather in the Northern Hemisphere is nicer, so people don’t want to run away from it, and mostly all of our travelers come from the North. 

But it also happens that cruises do not come to Costa Rica in the rainy season, or, better said, very few cruises come. 

So, if you are a true nature lover or an adventure fan, the rainy season is so much better for you! 

rainy season in Costa Rica

4. Rafting and floating.

The fantastic cooperative experience. The powerful rivers and their mighty rapids! At their best! 

If there is a time for great rafting is the rainy season. 

The rivers are full, the forests are glowing, and you are wet, anyways! 

You must hire a responsible company. We don’t play with safety. And neither our suppliers. 

So, if you like the idea of rafting in the rainy season, know that you will probably have the time of your life, but play it safe with proofed and reviewed operators. 

rainy season in Costa Rica

5. The rain is actually warm.

Getting wet in the Costa Rican rains is something to remember forever, the playful feeling, the adventure, the romantic glow of pouring rains. And they are warm unless you are up in the mountains. 

Get wet and enjoy it! 

rainy season in Costa Rica

6. Rainforests glow

For the rainforests, the sunny season is a painful drought, it is severe and empty, and it is quite usual for creatures to perish under the heat. 

As soon as the rainy season starts, trees recover their leaves and bloom. A lot of food is around, and wildlife is taking advantage of it. 

7. If you want to see the volcanoes and enjoy the hot springs, it is so much easier and better in the rainy season

As strange as it may appear, it is easier to observe the volcanoes after a good pour. 

As in the sunny season, the humidity gets stuck in the mountains; it is easier to see the peaks in the rainy season. 

In the areas with hot springs, whenever there is good rain, it is probably the most delicious time to get in the hot mineral waters and let them warm you up. 

In the sunny season, sometimes you have to wait until it’s late for heat to come down. 

  rainy season in Costa Rica

8. Turtles and whales

Turtle and whales season occurs during the rainy season.

Green Sea Turtles: They lay their eggs from July to October in the long Tortuguero Beach in the North Caribbean. Parismina and Tortuguero especially. 

Olive Ridleys: On the Pacific Coast, they nest all year round, but the best time to witness the arribadas is from July to November.

Hawksbill Turtles: They lay their eggs in the region of Cahuita and forage in the Golfo Dulce. 

Leatherback Turtles: You can see them in the Pacific from September to March.

Humpback Whales: The best time to see them is from August to November on the Pacific ocean. 


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