IGLOO Beach Lodge to open in December in Manuel Antonio

Ocean Park Hotels published the imminent launch of its luxury eco-tourism accommodation IGLOO Beach Lodge that is programmed for December.

igloo beach lodge
Hotel inspirado en iglús abrirá en Manuel Antonio. (2019). Larepublica.net. Retrieved 27 September 2019, from https://www.larepublica.net/noticia/hotel-inspirado-en-igloos-abrira-en-manuel-antonio

“An exclusive beachfront property in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, IGLOO Beach Lodge is the first-ever destination for the company. With the opening of this property, Ocean Park Hotels will also unveil a groundbreaking eco-friendly design concept that has never been tried in the hotel industry“, announces the press release.

“While designing IGLOO Beach Lodge, Ocean Park Hotels focused entirely on construction methodologies that are economical and come with very low environmental footprint. In addition to respecting the natural environment and local cultural traditions, they have also concentrated on two elements that are often missed out in today’s eco-tourism solutions”.

IGLOO Beach Lodge will have monolithic dome structures completely covered with vegetation. These domes have been manufactured using tough, inflatable air forms, steel-reinforced concrete and a polyurethane foam insulation, each used in a technology-specific manner. Airforms are highly engineered fabric structures as balloons that can be used over and over again.

“Owing to their design and built methodology, the dome-shaped accommodations at IGLOO Beach Lodge are cost-efficient, earth-friendly, extremely durable and easy to maintain. Most importantly, these monolithic domes will use approximately 50% less energy for heating and cooling compared to a conventionally constructed building of the same size”.

IGLOO Beach Lodge will garner a competitive advantage by combining eco-tourism sensibilities and smart home technologies with a unique design,” said a spokesperson from Ocean Park Hotels. “Unlike the majority of lodging options, which are either small mom and pop shops or dry corporate chains, we will customize each campus to its unique location and transport travelers to a place out of space and time, while maintaining the highest standards for ecotourism.”


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