Only the Essentials, the gifts that Costa Rica has for you

Only the essentials, the new International Marketing Campaign of the ICT (Costa Rican Tourism Board) is based on going back to simply enjoying life, by connecting to what we truly like and what we truly are.

Only the Essentials talks about how we forget, and why is important to remember.  And for me as a travel agent, but more importantly, as a human being is really important to tell you a bit of how a vacation here, can bring you back to only the essentials.

We are all very used to our routine. It is the way we live, the way we move, the way we think and how we feel.  In automatic. Even when we are enjoying ourselves we are thinking about one thing and living another.

We forget to put attention. Or, we are trying so hard to put attention in several things at the same time.  We get tired, exhausted. And we decide to take a vacation. 

Depending on what we like and what we need we may find ourself in a cruise ship, or an exotic beach, on the edge of the pool, laying under the sun.

Or going on a tour from one museum to the next. From one historical site to the next.

But some of us, we have discovered that the real rest comes when the mind relaxes. And sometimes, this happens when we allow a sensation that englobes awe and peace simultaneously and empowers us to be children again: Seeing the World for the first time.

And I am not talking here about going to a new country every time (Although it sounds like great fun!) I am talking about trips that will take you back to that one sensation of freedom and connection we want to live all the time.

Costa Rica is about nature. Our motto says it clearly every single day, Costa Rica is about pure life.

So, let’s talk about why, in Terranova, “we think that only the essentials” nails it down to the core of our true essence as a country and as the best leisure destination in the World.

Only the essentials
Recharge in Tortuguero


Among other great things, our bodies and minds are fantastic devices made to accomplish a multitude of tasks. We go from window to window in our minds, from the window of the office we work at, to the window of our next meeting, our next payment or our next project. Thought after thought, activity after activity, somehow we become automatic pilots of our lives. We know what has to be done and we do it. Sometimes, endlessly.

But even the most futuristic device needs to be charged from time to time. And we must realize, that we need to recharge our mind as much as our body.

And as life presents now itself, is there a better way to recharge than to be immersed in pure nature, in silence, just looking at what surrounds us.

And it is quite an easy thing to achieve when you are floating on a canal, surrounded by the overwhelming beauty of a rainforest shinning after a pouring rain has passed.  Listening to the far away roaring of howler monkeys and seeing a toucan flyby is, sometimes all we need to recharge and feel energized for a year.

Check Tortuguero for your next vacation and see the magic of recharging simply by drifting on its labyrinth of canals.

Only the essentials
Reclaim all that is Real and Vital in Santa Teresa Beach

To reclaim all that is Real and Vital.

What is Real and Vital in us? We are the “what” that is living everything we live. Simple. We are the “experiencers” of this life. And what makes us feel truly alive?

Is it the number of likes of our latest post on Instagram? Is it the smile of our boss for a well-done job? Think about it.

We all have that one (Or some) memory when we were in complete bliss. Usually, they are very simple moments.  (My favorite is on a hammock on a remote beach, on a hot sunny day, with a book on my lap and a cold beer in my hand… about thirty years ago).  There is a sort of serenity and silence in these memories. A sensation of “All is well”.

Check Santa Teresa Beach for your next vacation. The sensation of freedom and vitality in this place is almost unbeatable.

Only the essentials
Find your priorities in the Monteverde Cloud Forest

Get our priorities to straighten

That’s a tough one! We all want to live well and content. We all like our comfort zones. But let’s face it, sometimes we are fossilized in them!

What is important for us? Is it being really good at what we do? Is it making a lot of money? What for? What are our priorities?

We are not talking about our goals here. Priorities are what is always important for us. Without a margin of negotiation, our relations, our health, being happy, or simply being at peace.

Success may be a goal, but never a priority. Priorities live in the inside and are what is most important to us all the time. Our true life commitments to ourselves.

Monteverde is a magical cloud forest in the Northwest mountains of Costa Rica, it is lusciously green and has a mystical flavor to it. Sometimes when we walk through these magnificent forests, we realize that life and living it fully is a great idea. What makes us feel alive should be a priority. Always.

Only the essentials
Rise above the noise in Corcovado

Rise above the noise

This is better than silence itself! It goes for stepping out of the daily activities, emails, likes, reports, and all that seems urgent and stopping. Simply unplugging from it all.

We are not only talking about unplugging from your telephone or iPad. We are talking about stopping the incessant mind chatter and looking at the horizon for a jumping whale or a school of dolphins.

Rise above the noise means getting the priorities to straighten, and recharging, and living real life, it means to put attention to what is happening right now.

Is there a better way to do that than in a rainforest or a clear ocean, waiting for wildlife to appear? Check Corcovado National Park for your next vacation and rise above the noise!

Only the essentials
Feel fulfilled in the adventures in the rainforest

Feel fulfilled

According to Cambridge Dictionary fulfillment is:

“a feeling of happiness because you are doing what you intended to do in life”

What makes you feel that you are doing what you intended to do? If you had the opportunity of talking to the child you were, what stories about your life will you tell him/her?

Would it be about how efficient you are, or about grand adventures and fantastic places? What filled you with joy and awe when you were a child?

Check here a list of adventures you can do in Costa Rica and all the tips you need to know to fully enjoy them!

Only the essentials
Flor Blanca Hotel -Find balance in fantastic accommodations


So, yes! To be able to work and to thrive is really fantastic! To enjoy a comfortable life with good quality stuff is great! And yes, mostly all of us have to work a lot to get it.

However, balance is what is truly the best of it all!

Enjoy the thrill of your work, of competition and success. Even the excitement of stress and being under pressure.  But then, let the pendulum swing and take time for your relations, your priorities, yourself. Recharge and go back!

Find here some of the most amazing accommodations that will give you a sensation of rest and relaxation in breathtaking places.

Only the essentials
Be at peace in a cloud forest walk

Be at peace

Oh no! You don’t have to come to Costa Rica to be at peace! You can be at peace wherever you are because the only place to be at peace in your heart.

However, there are places and experiences in Costa Rica that will definitely show you how it feels. Using the word “definitely” here is not an exaggeration.

For many of us traveling is a life changer and finding your mind place of peace should be a priority. Urgent and important.

Being at peace means letting go fear, basically. And you let go fear when you turn to get in contact with yourself into a priority.

And as Sadhguru says:

“Peace should never be an objective in your life, because it is the base of it all”.

When you are in Costa Rica, dare to go in the rainforest, listen to it, pay attention to its beauty and its complexity. See the underlying innocence of it.

Find here some tips to walk in the rainforests, be safe and fully enjoy them!

Only the essentials
Be in the present moment watching wildlife

The thrill of being present in the moment

Some of us find it hard to achieve: Being in the present moment is a great idea, but how do we get our mind out of memories and plans, ideas, fantasies, dreams, worries?

Adventure works like a charm! There is no way to be incessantly thinking when your guide is about to tell you to stop paddling for the next rapid in a rafting tour surrounded by jungles!

It is impossible not to pay attention to what is happening.

Now, if you are not into adventures or for any health reason are not fit to enjoy them, that is all right, another great idea for anyone who would like to thrill in the present moment is simply looking for wildlife, and even better bird watching.

Check The best time to be in Costa Rica to see wildlife and enjoy thoroughly the Costa Rican animals, birds, and marine life.

Pnly the essentials


Last but not least among the essentials of Costa Rica, connection is what we all crave for.

The connection is the key to art in all its forms, as we mysteriously connect with the heart and soul of the artists. But it also happens just by walking and smiling in a foreign country to total strangers.

Costa Rica has a reputation for its happy and friendly people. When you are in your Costa Rica vacation probably the best treat of it all is the contagious joy of the people, wherever you are and whatever you do, from the guides to the waiters or waitresses, you will find deep connections through this fantastic open minds and hearts of the regular Costa Ricans.

One of the areas where you can find some of the happiest and easy-going people of Costa Rica are Los Santos: The amazing highlands of Costa Rica

To wrap it up

At Terranova, we are very excited to see the direction of our country – and the World- is going. It is remarkable to see that our human pursuits are going to the most real self and away from the masks and trivialities.

Fun, pure innocent fun, experiences that we could live over and over again. Those that connect us to our inner child are everlasting and will give us a new way to see the World, our relations, jobs, and lives in another light.  These are the essentials that Costa Rica has for you!

Let us know when are you coming and we can talk about how to get fully immersed in only the essentials.

This article was written by Henry Rodriguez, Terranova Inbound Department Manager.  Please contact him if you want to ask a question, write a comment or customizing a vacation in Costa Rica




















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