Costa Rica is the most relaxing destination in the world

According to a ranking of destinations made by the United States magazine CEOWorld, Costa Rica has received the first place as the most relaxing destination in the world.

best relaxing destination

The magazine, aiming at a corporate audience of high standards, displays the reasons behind this recognition.

 Two significant reasons for winning this award are the peace and happiness that predominate in the country, located in Central America.

The impression it projects to the world is that of being a land of peace and harmony, yet it is among the most peaceful countries in all of Central America. It also has a high rate of happiness. Politically, it is a destination with a reasonably stable government system, which also helps that peace.

But there are more reasons. The magazine article reads like this:

Costa Rica
It one of the most peaceful countries in Central America and holds the image of the land of peace and harmony. It has a high ranking in the Happiness Index as well.

Costa Rica is a popular tourist destination and has a stable government and political system. It does not have an army and the living standards of the place is really high. It is also extremely safe for residents as well as tourists. It is internationally famous for its flora and fauna, with a plethora of national parks and biodiversity.

The unimaginable beauty along with environment-friendly accommodations really add to the exquisiteness of the place. Costa Rica follows the saying Pura Vida, depicting pure life. It is a way of life lived by most in Costa Rica which inspires us of living a simple life by making changes for well-being and contentment.

The second country that stands out in the magazine’s ranking is the Coromandel Peninsula, in New Zealand. Lake Jökulsárlón follows it in Iceland and Lake Bled in Slovenia. Fifth place goes to Saskatoon in Canada.

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