Dominical Beach, an easy guide to an undiscovered paradise

Dominical Beach is reasonably known for its fantastic waves, which attract surfers from all over the World. However, there is a lot more to this tremendous luscious region than its beach and surf. It is a region of breathtaking rainforests, abundant wildlife, and magical waterfalls, to name a few.

Dominical Beach - Elan by the sea
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Dominical Beach it’s located 194.43 km, 120.82 mi from San José, taking around 3 hours from the Juan Santamaría Airport.

And 292.39 km, 181.68 mi from Guanacaste, taking around 4 hours to drive from the Liberia Airport to Dominical Beach.

Dominical is a band of beach that extends beyond 2,4 miles (4 km), with diverse options in accommodations, restaurants, and experiences.

The region where you find Dominical is one of those destinations that combine, successfully luscious jungles with deserted -or almost deserted- beaches. It has high waves (up to 10 feet off the shore) that surfers enjoy the most, but it goes beyond the surf line.

It is an area full of great hiking opportunities, amazing waterfalls, and great rafting rivers.

It is also very close to trendy touristic sites like Manuel Antonio, and on the way to the magnificent regions like Drake Bay, Golfo Dulce or Perez Zeledon and the cloud forests of the highlands of Talamanca.

Dominical Beach
Gallery. (2019). Elan at Ballena Beach. Retrieved from

Weather in Dominical:

Dominical is lovely all year round. However, one of its gifts is the luscious nature that surrounds it, and this, yes! It means rain.

You will find, though, that rains do not create a problem to enjoy the experience of nature in this fantastic place.

Usually, in the rainy season, that goes from May to December, there are quick pouring rains followed by clear skies and a more refreshing breeze.

The temperature usually is the same all year, with maximums of 88° F (31° C) and a minimum of 72° F ( 22° C). Also, the ocean is pleasantly warm the entire year.

Our favorite accommodations in the region are

Kurá Design Villas

Dominical Beach - Kura Design Villas
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Poised royally on the top of a hill commanding Ballena National Park, Kura Design Villas, is the ultimate romantic realm.

With an equilibrium of lush rainforests and the endless blue of the Pacific Ocean, it opens to a view that you can enjoy from the ultra-modern common areas.

Kura brings you the sensation (Hard to describe) of being on the top of the World in a different dimension where beauty and romance are the air to breathe.

The six intimate and luxurious villas offer shade and quiet under a green canopy. The six exclusive rooms will give you a spotless mixture of stone, wood, bamboo and glass walls and jaw-dropping vistas.

Dominical Beach - Kura Design Villas
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Another favorite for us is Elan at Ballena Beach

Positioned within footsteps of Marino Ballena National Park and one of the Costa Rica best beaches, Elan at Ballena Beach is the only expansion in the area with exclusive direct access to the beach.

Dominical Beach Elan by the sea
Gallery. (2019). Elan at Ballena Beach. Retrieved from

The beachfront resort-style neighborhood may boast of its large cascading pools and a broad collection of general amenities for you to enjoy.

Elan at Ballena Beach can be defined as a modern glass on a fascinating world.

Dominical Beach - Elan by the Sea
Gallery. (2019). Elan at Ballena Beach. Retrieved from

Experience an early walk on a beaten path lush forest surroundings, feel the views and noises of rainforest life engulf you in a symphony of color and music.

Apartments furnished in luxury to the last detail, surrounded by the Costa Rican tropical diverse nature and at a walk distance from a gorgeous beach.

Our favorite experiences in the region

Surfing! If you are into surfing, Dominical beach is the place in Costa Rica for you! Well-known as a surfing point for experts globally. If you are not a pro but want to learn, we can reserve a place for you with the best surfing school in the area.

Nauyaca Waterfall is one of the most popular attractions in this region. The complete set of waterfalls it’s about 260 feet (80mts) wide.

Numerous falls are beginning at 20mts tall and the most impressive it’s about 150 feet high (45 meters) with a free drop-in a smaller pool.

Whale watching is one of the most successful experiences in this nature’s lover paradise.

Each year the Pacific humpback whales from the southern hemisphere move from Antarctica to Costa Rica and visit at the end of July, August, September. It is a must-see.

Térraba-Sierpe Mangroves and Caño Island Snorkeling Tour

This is a tour that will take you through the biggest mangroves system in Central America, and out to the Pacific Ocean to the mystical Caño Island.

An isle in the outskirts of Corcovado National Park, that has a unique coral reef and a particular archeological interest as the mysterious stone spheres were found here. This is a trip that promises excitement and direct and personal contact with nature at its best.

Rainforest Hikes

This is a region full of rainforests, thus, it is a paradise for anyone who likes to hike and see wildlife. From the intense Corcovado National Park to the popular Manuel Antonio, this is certainly a place where nature lovers will have a thrill!

Santa Juana Costa Rican experience

This tour is a great activity for those who want to learn about the Costa Rican roots and culture while enjoying magnificent vistas and different nature, agricultural and cultural adventures.

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