Whale Watching in Costa Rica! The season is right now!

Whale watching in Costa Rica is one of the most engaging activities for visitors. The temperature of the water, as well as the abundance of food sources, offer humpback whales the ideal conditions on their way out of the Southern winter.

Whale watching

Whale watching in Costa Rica has become one of the most popular activities in this time of year.

Travelers come every year to Quepos and Uvita to witness this incredible display, where not just humpback whales but also pilot whales, Bryde whales, fake killer whales, in addition to three resident species of dolphins including bottlenose dolphins, spotted dolphins, and spinner dolphins can be easily spotted.

The whale watching season starts mid-July and extends through the end of October and even the beginning of November. The southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica in the area selected by humpback whales to give birth to their calves.

Different companies offer tours where they visit the common areas where these mammals are seen, the most popular tours leave from Marina Pez Vela in Quepos and Parque Marino Ballena in Uvita.

There are different tour options that adjust to different budgets, though, none of them guarantee that you will be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the dolphins or whales, chances are good, and even if you don’t get so see one of these impressive animals up close you can still enjoy the magnificent views and spot other animals such as sea turtles and native birds.

Tours usually take two to three and a half hours. It is important to hire a reputable tour operator that can offer all proper security gear and follow procedures and that at the same time is responsible in guaranteeing that animals will not be subject to stress, for this purpose, experienced tour guides know they must keep a proper distance, maintain low speed while being close to the whales and they cannot spend much time with the same group of whales.


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