Santa Teresa Beach, 13 reasons to love it!

Santa Teresa Beach, a place to enjoy a freestyled, laid-back, yet luxurious vacation. Fill your holidays with the breeze, warm sea waters, and the experience of total tranquility.

Santa Teresa Beach is not for everyone, to fully enjoy it, you must really want to breathe in relaxation. Of course, there are several activities to enjoy and experience adventure, but for me, Santa Teresa is about enjoying free time.

You know in the travel industry we are very used to stay in exotic, sometimes fascinating places. However, Santa Teresa Beach is one of those rare places where anyone, even a busy minded travel agent, can rest.

Now, let me give you my 14 reasons to escape to Santa Teresa whenever I get the time. But let’s start at the beginning.

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1. Weather

The area of Santa Teresa Beach is part of the Central Pacific sry tropical forest.

It has very distinctive seasons, with a long sunny season (From May/June to November).

Find here a chart with the average rainfall monthly in Santa Teresa.

Santa Teresa Beach - Annual rainfall

2.  Marvelous Location

Santa Teresa Beach is located 218.3 km, 135.64 mi from the Liberia Airport (LIR) and174.67 km, 108.53 mi from San Jose and the Juan Santamaría International Airport. 

As you can also see in the map above, Santa Teresa Beach is positioned between Cocal and Carmen beaches. They join with each other by one, long twisting street, just on the side of the beach.

3. White Sand Beach

Santa Teresa Beach

It is a superb beach with the finest sand. As you walk bare-footed by the beach, you will enjoy the crystalline waters and the moving palm trees, but mostly, for your feet, it will be paradise.

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4. Advanced Surf

The beaches of Santa Teresa give some of the most exceptional surfing experiences in Costa Rica. They have world-class breaks and excellent surf conditions all through the year.

5. Small Town

Can I call it a town? It is so calm, and nature invades it so much! The type of village that you can miss as it is as calmed as it is small.

6. Tide Pools

Santa Teresa Beach Tide Pools

Tide pools in the rocks are so underrated! The ideal spots for snorkeling or simply let the water cool you off while small fish go around the feet and legs.

7. Beach walks

Santa Teresa Beach
Image Gallery – Florblanca Resort, Costa Rica. (2019). Florblanca. Retrieved from


Fantastic walks on this beach! Lots of shells, soft sand, and as the beaches go one after the other.

You can walk for hours on one endless surf, watching tropical nature on one side, and seeing the fantastic waves on the other. Sometimes, and depending on the season, some of these beaches are deserted.

The only conflict you may find is the question of how to enjoy the place better? Sitting, walking, or getting in the ocean!

8. Paradise

Maybe it is the isolation of Santa Teresa, maybe its friendly, relaxed people. But, while you are there, you will feel in heaven.

You wake up to the sound of waves, breeze and sometimes the distant (Or not so distant) howler monkeys.

9. Empty Beach

You really come to think, at times that the whole area is a different dimension, where life and tranquility combine to let you feel somehow, you own the place.

10. Sunset

Santa Teresa Beach - Sunsets

In Santa Teresa, you may enjoy some of the most amazing and beautiful sunsets of the World.

The open ocean, the color of the forest on the back, the soft sand underneath.

It is the type of place where you keep the telephone in the room and simply enjoy the amazement.

11. Restaurants

So many options to eat! Vegan, typical, sushi, Chinese, Italian. To be such a small town, the diversity in the menus is genuinely awesome!

12. Accommodations

Santa Teresa Beach
Image Gallery – Florblanca Resort, Costa Rica. (2019). Florblanca. Retrieved from

In the region, there are some of the most beautiful beach hotels in Costa Rica.

Some of our favorite options are:


Nantipa has 15  suites and guestrooms spread in a 5.7 acre (2.3 hectares) property with more than 500 feet (150 m.) of breathtaking beachfront.

Enclosed by deliberately tropical gardens to maintain seclusion, every guest area is provided with AC controls, flat smart TVs’ with cable, and streaming capacity, WI-FI, a working desk, small dining table and chairs, hammocks, and a minibar.

Santa Teresa Beach
Nantipa – Nicoya Peninsula – Costa Rica. (2019). Retrieved from

Flor Blanca

Flor Blanca is a superb resort that offers exclusive privacy in a classy setting combining gourmet dining and breathtaking accommodations.

Surrounded by forests and right on the beach, Flor Blanca is a cocktail of relaxed leisure that true romantics can’t miss!


With fantastic tropical gardens, Maramar Bungalows offers quite unique accommodations with a terrace and a jungle encircled swimming pool.

All rooms feature a flat-screen TV, WI-FI, living room, a totally equipped kitchen, and patios.

And from all of them, you can hear the howler monkeys roaring to the waves! 🙂

Santa Teresa beach
MARAMAR Santa Teresa Eco Community. (2019). MARAMAR Santa Teresa Eco Community. Retrieved from

13. Activities

Amazingly it is the sort of place where you can enjoy aquatic sports, adventures or nature discoveries.

Some of the most popular activities in the region of Santa Teresa Beach are: Horseback riding, hiking in the tropical dry forests, surfing lessons, and visiting some of the beautiful nearby islands.

And probably the best yoga environment in the country!

Our conclusions on Santa Teresa Beach

Close to some of the best off the beaten path experiences, this is the place to go if you want to enjoy a leisure vacation with a few satisfying activities.

For us, it is ideal if you are a nature lover, a leisure passionate, or simply want to unplug from it all in an unparalleled tropical paradise.

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