Tortuguero Hotels, all you need to know

Tortuguero Hotels are not only places where you stay and enjoy a comfortable room, the pool, or even the view. They are amazing tropical nature experiences that permit the guests to immerse in the potent life sensations of this magnificent destination.

Have in mind that all Tortuguero hotels were created to experience the life force of the rainforest at its best. When you decide to stay in this region to see the turtles nesting or the diverse wildlife, the choice of accommodation may create a big difference in your trip.

We will talk about six Tortuguero Hotels, their pros, and cons and why we recommend them.

If you look at the map above, you will discover that Tortuguero is a big forest area with a small strip of land between the river and the ocean.

This is the part where you find the town, the park rangers station, homes, and several hotels.

But, on the other side, there are also small inhabited areas and some exotic accommodations.

So, we will talk about the Tortuguero accommodations clockwise according to the map, starting with Evergreen Lodge, in the area of Laguna Penitencia.


Tortuguero Hotels

Evergreen is an exotic 21-room jungle immersion experience type of lodge.

Surrounded by the Tortuguero National Park, you will discover your sensations by breathing the rainforest, its wildlife and magnificent beauty.

It is the sort of place where, on the way to have breakfast, you may see several species of birds and monkeys, an iridescent Morpho butterfly just flying around and poison dart frogs at the bottom of the trees. (and this is not an exaggeration)

Tortuguero Hotels


It is a real jungle immersion. Nothing fake about it. It is raw, humid, hot, and there are mosquitoes, tons of them. (Do you know how many mosquitoes fit in a ton?).

Plus if you want to go to town, you have to arrange a boat with the hotel as the lodge is the most isolated of the list of six we are giving here

Pachira Lodge

Tortuguero Hotels

Among the Tortuguero Hotels, Pachira is probably one of the most known and enjoyable hotels of the region.

With 94 comfortable guest rooms and set in a patch of land of 14 hectares (34 acres) this hotel has created a beautiful mixture of ingeniously trimmed beautiful gardens in connection with the primitive rainforest around the lodge.

Pachira Lodge offers a unique cocktail of nature and comfort and will give you the rainforest from a great swimming pool and watching the green macaws from the cocktails bar.

Tortuguero Hotels


Due to the other side of the river locality of the hotel, you must take a boat to get to town. People call them “Taxi Boats,” these will give you a ride to town at affordable prices.
As the hotel is across the river from town, the noise of the few bars can reach the bar, swimming pool and sometimes even the rooms.

It is hot and humid. As it is among the Tortuguero hotels on the other side of the river, there is hardly any breeze.

Anhinga Lodge

Tortuguero Hotels

This lodge is strategically situated 5 minutes away from the entrance of the National Park and across the main canal, facing the town of Tortuguero.

If you wish a to hang out in the middle of the tropical forest with sleeping outdoors experience aside, comfortable, and independent bungalows provide such direct contact with the magnificent ecosystem.

You have the option not to have windows but mosquito net, if you love nature and listen to many animals at night.

They also provide excellent spa services, if you want the relaxing experience to be complete.



Shares the same issues as Pachira Lodge when it comes to the locality since the hotel is on the other side of the river you must take a “taxi boat” to get to town.

The hotel is almost in front of the town, so it happens

if the few night places in town have the music at high volume, you will hear it from the bar, the piers and even some of the nearby rooms.
It is hot and humid. Again, as it is among the hotels on the other side of the river, there is hardly any breeze.

Manatus Lodge


Twelve fully equipped luxury rooms designed with a high sense of harmony and comfort.
This is the only hotel in Tortuguero, offering AC, and cable tv and exceptionally and comfortable rooms.

You can enjoy a full a la carte restaurant, which is not a common trait in the area as most hotels around offer buffet type limited food offer.
The Ara Macaw Restaurant will delight your senses with an Afro-Caribbean fusion menu included in your rate.


Manatus is a fantastic experience. However, it has the same disadvantages of all the hotels on the other side of the river in terms of isolation, noise, and humidity.

Laguna Lodge


Laguna is an eco-touristic lodge built on a narrow strip of land, 650 feet wide, between Tortuguero and the Caribbean Sea, shelters a lush jungle of primary forests and exotic plants.

The lodge has 106 rooms spread in 6 acres of gardens. Its design is simple and entirely in compliance with nature. Rooms are wooden with all necessary comforts to ensure guests have a calm and satisfactory stay.

As it is on the ocean side, you can hear the permanent and soothing sea sounds and its breeze and even though, Tortuguero is not a beach area, whatsoever as the ocean is quite brisk and dangerous, but you can always you out to the beach and walk, or even in sunny mornings see glorious dawns.


It is quite close to the airport, so whenever the daily planes arrive and depart, you will have the noise right at the lodge.
As it is not on the side of the National Park, the rainforest is secondary and being so close to the ocean less diverse.

Mawamba Lodge


Located 1 km northwest from town, right on a beautiful strip of land between the main river and the Caribbean, gives you direct access to both.
Walking distance between lodge and the town is approximately 15 minutes.

Besides the usual activities that other hotels have like tours to the National Park, kayaks or hikes, Mawamba counts on unique activities, like the “Mawamba Park Guided Tour” and “Mawamba’s El Manakin Nature Trail.”

The hotel has an excellent location for the Green Turtle Hatching Tour and Turtle Nesting Tour (During season).

Mawamba doesn’t have a spa, but you can arrange for a relaxing massage provided either in the room or the beach area.

As it is not on the side of the National Park, the rainforest is secondary and being so close to the ocean less diverse.

In Conclusion

Tortuguero Hotels are rustic, yet comfortable and full of fantastic options to live a tropical nature experience fully. And as you’ve read, it depends on your priorities to pick the right one.

Please, talk to your travel designer in Terranova to create a fantastic rainforest and leisure vacation, for you and your loved ones.

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